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Maternity Leave Picture me in bright pink overalls running (never walking) around Lowe Mill with rolls of Hagaki paper under my arm, a baby in a sling, and a three-year-old in a stroller. This is life as a working mother in a childcare shortage. I am not alone. The pandemic strained the childcare industry to… Continue reading Shop and Services

You Are at an Open Market

I live in Huntsville, Al where the artists are centralized. I love it. Everywhere you go, an open market that needs vendors like me. I have met so many extraordinary people in my booths. One day Tap Tap Tintype’s gonna take the show on the road and go to open markets everywhere we can. Until… Continue reading You Are at an Open Market

Collage Portraits

Custom Art Services I am excited to offer a new service: Collage Portraits. People come to me all the time with their extraordinary stories. I have found a unique way to put them on paper. Send me a picture of you or your loved one, tell me a story, and let me make you an… Continue reading Collage Portraits

Someone tell my tongue…

Someone tell my tongue / what the honey is made of… Hello WordPress, I have been feeling a little cooped up lately. But I can’t say I know quite what to do with this much space. Would you look at these rafters? It deserves a whistle, but it’s not that kind of medium. What do… Continue reading Someone tell my tongue…