You Are at an Open Market

I live in Huntsville, Al where the artists are centralized. I love it. Everywhere you go, an open market that needs vendors like me. I have met so many extraordinary people in my booths. One day Tap Tap Tintype’s gonna take the show on the road and go to open markets everywhere we can. Until…… Continue reading You Are at an Open Market

Shadow and Light

We are so obsessed with the light – me included. You know I’m always trying to catch more of it. We see darkness as light’s enemy. As if they were at odds. As if they didn’t have each other by the tails. So I broke myself open just to what color I would bleed. I…… Continue reading Shadow and Light

Why are you asking permission?

We were talking recently in the comments of @fuelkumari’s instagram post. It always seems like something profound is happening there. We were trying to find a word for a certain moment. The first time a woman realizes she is whole on her own. What is that moment? It’s so odd that we can have something…… Continue reading Why are you asking permission?