Shadow and Light

We are so obsessed with the light – me included. You know I’m always trying to catch more of it. We see darkness as light’s enemy. As if they were at odds. As if they didn’t have each other by the tails.

So I broke myself open just to what color I would bleed. I looked every piece of me over, the sharp parts cutting and bleeding but not deciding I am not a live.

And as those shards realized what I was pieces of, they let pieces of themselves get carried away in what I am, in a sea. I carried away the sharpest parts of me to my own self, they are my own pieces, my own wounds, now they are old friends. They’re in cahoots. We sat cross legged, we know each other now.

By milliestwaters

She’s a folk poet. You are at an open market. You stumble on her and her typewriter. What do you ask her for?

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