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Millie St. Waters is a storyteller, first and foremost. Everything else is just moving us along. She employs poetry, prose, collage, photography, stop motion animation, and SEO writing in her endeavors. She has been featured at Lowe Mill Artist Collective and in The NYC Journal. You can find her here, on Etsy, or in the community she built around folk art on instagram. Art is a practice. It is critically important to the human condition. She hopes to help her audience engage with their creativity regardless of their proficiency in one method of art or another.

On instagram, you can ask her questions, see her process, and watch her experiment with her style. She sells prints, collages, and odds and ends on Etsy. Her newest project is a blog about the artists in Huntsville, Alabama where she lives with the music man she married and their two kids. Her work comes up out of the grassroots. Without her family and the rich community of artists around her, she’d just be doing this in her bedroom. Please join our community. We’d love to have you.

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Daily Collage Poetry on Instagram

Head to Instagram to ask me questions, see my process, and look at the lion’s share of my portfolio.

Millie St. Waters Blog

In my newest project, I report on the grassroots artist community around me. A community I feel forever indebted to. Huntsville has some of the most organized artists in Alabama thanks to Lowe Mill, a local artist collective where I have been featured. Are you visiting Huntsville anytime soon? This blog has your underground guide to the most unique places here.

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